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“I am not confused about diabetes.  I am not afraid of diabetes.  However, diabetes demands vigilance from me, and diaTribe inspires and informs me at a depth far beyond the popular print and online sources. diaTribe is no more for sissies than diabetes itself is! diaTribe, you help me fight the fight each day. Thank you.”

- Doug Brindley

“I trust diaTribe. I know their staff is highly educated and very entrenched in the diabetes world. Their skilled team can comprehend very detailed information and know to ask the right questions. They have been around long enough to know how developments affect the big picture. I can't say enough about their mission to spread education and help advocate for better diabetes care. I love diaTribe!”

Scott Johnson

diaTribe is valuable to me because it has information that applies directly to my life. I feel like diaTribe has my best interest at heart and is there to help me. I feel like diaTribe is my friend!”

Darlene Lyons

“Best objective in-depth information on what is happening in the diabetes industry. Superb well written articles and staff.”

Lynn Wickwire

Reading diatribe is like getting good news.  It always puts a smile on my face!”

- Danielle Okuly

“Diatribe keeps me informed and gives me hope…Articles are written with a personal touch yet are unbiased, really digging up the latest research that I often do not read about elsewhere, or not for several months after.”

Abigail Bayne

Reading articles on diaTribe written by such dedicated and motivated people is very inspirational. It reminds me how powerful motivation is and how it has a direct impact on people with diabetes. I believe diaTribe can be helpful for diabetes professionals as well, not only as an educational tool for their patients, but as an insight of which topics find people with diabetes important and what news might be helpful to discuss with their patients.”

- Claire Spencer

“As a healthcare professional, and a person with T1D (for a really, really long time), and a mom of a T1D child, I love the personal articles and informative information that diaTribe consistently provides.  I love that this info comes from real people living with T1D where they provide real life experience that I can relate to and apply to my own life.  Thank you diaTribe!”

Nancy Murphy

diaTribe makes life a little bit easier by compiling current diabetes news, research, product updates, and personal stories and delivering it in a straightforward manner that satisfies my need for diabetes news. After reading an issue, I can't wait for the next one!”

Jacquelyn Schei

 “If you want to understand your diabetes and how to manage it, if you want to have in-depth conversations with your diabetes providers, if you take an ACTIVE role in managing your diabetes, then you NEED to read diaTribe!”

Jon McCombie

“[diaTribe] Gives me hope that one day I can live a life not based on my glucose numbers.”

 - Cheryl Palian

“I am ready to research and latch on to any new ideas, concepts, or drug programs that can possibly help; diaTribe points me in the right direction.”

Anna Mills

The best place to find a concise and well written gathering of up to date information!  Diatribe helps me partner with my endocrinologist to determine the best treatment for me”

- Carol Perecman

“Nobody represents the diabetes community to our industry partners better than diaTribe!”

Brett Whitaker

“Discovering diaTribe was like finding a gold nugget! Up to date progress, personal experiences and the latest in cure/treatment/ prevent approaches.”

- Alan Lewis

“It offers prospective on my disease from all angles.  Having lots of academic and drug related information in one place is like one stop shopping.”

Marie Giordano

“As a certified diabetes educator, I need to know what's new, and what's to come, but most important, I also need to know how these new developments work in real life. diaTribe provides me with that invaluable information.”

- Joy Pape, CDE

diaTribe makes diabetes seem less intimidating... all of the current product information, diabetic personal experience stories, information on cure progress is invaluable tool for patients, doctors, parents, students, etc. It basically covers everything in an interesting little package.”

Stacy Bailey

“As a parent of a recently diagnosed 11 year old, diaTribe has been an invaluable resource for myriad reasons ranging from simply learning about diabetes those first few weeks, to getting a giggle from Fingersticks, to following news and stories about the artificial pancreas, to getting tips for managing t1d day to day.  We were on the site the day we arrived home from the hospital, and continue to check in several time a week if not each day. Knowledge is power!”

Gretchen Carney

“diaTribe is an unparalleled look into the all the moving parts of the diabetes universe. It includes the highest quality industry news, great care ideas to consider connected by real world patient experience.”

- Bennet Dunlap